Greg is a Science Presenter on TV, Online, on Radio and at Live Events.

The Wellcome Trust have recently recognised him as one of the leading science communicators in the UK by appointing him as an Engagement Fellow.

Half science geek, half adrenaline-junkie, Greg is a self-proclaimed ‘Science Daredevil’. Using immersive stunts, eye-catching spectacles and hands-on demos, Greg pushes science, and himself, to the limit.

He’s been buried alive, frozen, shot, electrocuted, and even gone under the knife in the name of science (to find out what humans taste of!).

Greg hosts the new BBC Worldwide series Factomania, pops us as Science Expert on Blue Peter, is the “Resident Scientist” on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, has over 1,000,000 views on his Greg Foot Answers videos on YouTube, recently launched his huge science theatre show about the science of explosions, and tours various live shows including Daredevil Labs: Everest(based on his 2013 trek up to Everest Base Camp with a cutting-edge research trip).

Grab a cuppa & check out the trio of vids on the left (If you’re on an iPhone or iPad you can watch the vids here). Then have a gander at his Biog & head to Videos to watch more of what he gets up to. To bring the 3 video icons back up just click on the screen.


Blue Peter Logo

Blue Peter

Greg was invited onto the show to uncover the science behind why chillies are hot in the ‘Blue Peter Chilli Challenge’. Oh and he got a badge. Childhood dream realised!

The 12 Explosions Of Christmas

The 12 Explosions Of Christmas

A VERY explosive project that Greg developed with a mate and shot for fun: 12 bangs, blasts & booms, each with a festive twist, and all set to a bespoke version of the classic carol.

Sunday Brunch 400 x 250

Sunday Brunch, Ch4

Greg is Sunday Brunch’s “resident scientist”, regularly taking in a whole host of hands-on science demos to explore the science in the news that week.

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A BRAND NEW live show coming in 2014 that uncovers ‘The Science of Explosions & How They Shaped the Modern World’

Daredevil Labs - Everest LOGO

Daredevil Labs: EVEREST

“Daredevil Labs: EVEREST” is a new, interactive, demo-packed live science show written by Greg and set to tour Schools & Festivals throughout 2013.

ESB 400 x 250

Extreme Sports Battle: The Science

An awesome, adrenaline-fuelled live stunt show that uncovers the science behind extreme sports using back-flipping freerunners and world-class trials riders.

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