Awesome news: The show will launch as a HEADLINE SHOW at the BIG BANG FAIR 2014 at Birmingham NEC in March 2014. More info here.


WARNING: This show features a *very* loud jet engine, towering showers of sparks, gunpowder cannons, coloured flame balls, high explosive detonations, and the chance of some singed eyebrows!

Yes, KABOOM! isn’t for the faint hearted!


From the chemistry of gunpowder to the anatomy of high explosive detonations, the dissection of an internal combustion engine and the might of the hybrid rockets that launch man into space, KABOOM! uncovers the science behind the explosions that shape our modern world.


A brand new, big, noisy, live show, KABOOM! uncovers REAL science & engineering in a spectacular way.


The show is written and presented by TV Science Presenter (BBC, Channel4, Discovery) & Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow Greg Foot.


Greg is joined on stage by “Fireworks Mike” Sansom & Amy Foster, the awesome props are made by BrightFire Pyro, and the show’s Creative Producers are Daredevil Labs and MT Productions.


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This show grew from a Beta version that launched at Bounce Festival in Old Deer Park, Richmond on the 10th & 11th August 2013 (more info here). Thanks to Bounce for supporting the early version of the show and big thanks to Engineering UK who have supported the development of this pilot into a fully produced-up stage show to headline at The Big Bang Fair at Birmingham NEC.


If you’re a festival (Science, Music, Arts…) and would like to chat about booking KABOOM! just drop Greg a message here and select Live Events. Thanks!