The podcast that investigates
bold claims
being made by promising products.
NEWS! 'The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?' is now a BBC Radio 4 series!
Listen to the radio episodes here and the extended podcasts here!
YouTuber & TV Science Guy Greg Foot is on a mission to bust some marketing BS.   
At a time where science fad
seems to outsell science fact
we need more great stuff like this.
I can’t wait for the next installment.
Joined by experts, his mates, and people on the street, Greg goes in search of the  evidence to find out whether these wonder products really are the best thing since sliced bread?
Do the “billions of good bacteria” in ‘Probiotic’ drinks actually “make your tummy smile”?
Episode 2:
Can a ‘Wake-Up Light’ really “keep your sleep cycle on track and brighten your winter blues”?
Fun & enjoyable... weave[s] expert opinions and in-studio product test tomfoolery into a very enjoyable half hour (so enjoyable I thought it had only been 15!)

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Have you seen a promising product making a bold claim?

We’ll search for the evidence & work out if it's brill or bull.


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Mythbusters… but for real life!
In a post-truth era it’s nice to hear impartial, balanced opinions and facts! More please!

The Sliced Bread Team is Greg Foot, Caroline Steel, Graihagh Jackson, and Andy Thomson.

Big thanks also go to Geoff Marsh, Lorna Stewart & Lizzie Crouch. Logo designed by the brilliant Pierangelo Pirak.

The pods are supported (not financially) by Sense About Science's Ask For Evidence campaign.


The first 2 episodes were part-funded by the Wellcome Trust and part-funded by Greg.