Science Broadcaster on BBC Radio 4 and multiple BBC TV series on BBC World News, BBC Three, & BBC Worldwide:
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In his BBC Radio 4 series Greg is on a bunk-busting mission to uncover the facts behind the fads and separate genuine claims from advertising hype. Episode include CBD, Caffeine Shampoo, noise-cancelling headphones, Kombucha, Turmeric, pain relief products & many more.


By the year 2050 we may have over 10 billion people on the planet. In this TV series for BBC World News Greg goes on a journey from field to fork and explores the latest tech and modern agricultural techniques that could help us feed such an overcrowded planet in a sustainable way. The series played in over 200 countries worldwide.

Pod charts & reviews

The BBC Radio 4 series was also released as 8 Extended Podcasts and as well as topping the Health charts multiple times, the Podcast also reached #5 in the main iTunes chart, sitting above the likes of ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ and Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place’.

Greg Foot - filming - wind tunnel

Greg has presented multiple other TV series for the BBC incl BBC Three’s first science show, 'Secrets Of The Universe', which used big stunts to tell the 13.8 billion year history of you, BBC Worldwide’s ‘Factomania’, and ‘The Secrets of Everything’ which answers curious questions with immersive experiments and has now sold into 50+ countries and done very well on YouTube incl ‘What happens if you’re shot?’ (4.6M views), ‘What do humans taste of?’ (3.1M), + ‘Can you survive being buried alive?'

Over 30 million YouTube views across BBC Earth, Let's Go Live, Honda Racing F1, and his own channel.
Greg Foot - filming - Volcano Chasing - AXA Research Fund

In his two successful YouTube series with The AXA Research Fund Greg travelled the world to meet scientists doing brilliant, cutting-edge work and tell their stories. Episodes include chasing volcanic eruptions in Japan, discovering how tardigrades could help with organ transplants, and learning that our phones could be the cause of violent earthquakes.

Greg Foot - filming - Blue Planet 2 Premier Miami Alucia

Greg was invited to cover the US premier of Blue Planet 2 out in Miama. Whilst there he also made films about the high-tech submersibles and the state of the art research vessel. He also worked with the BP2 digital team presenting an investigation into the amount of plastic we eat.

YouTube - Earth Lab

For over 5 years Greg hosted weekly videos on BBC Earth’s YouTube channel ‘BBC Earth Lab’. On the channel - one of the biggest science channels in the UK with almost 1 million subscribers - Greg answered curious questions such as ‘How Do Plane Toilets Work?’ (1.5 million views), ‘How Do You Transplant a Human Head?’ (1.8M) and ‘What Happens When You Take Steroids?’ (1.8M).

Dive To The Deep

Greg's vlog of his dive down to 1000ft in the deep ocean went viral and has over 3 million views on his own channel. Click below to watch.

YouTube - with Maddie Moate

Greg works with his fiancée - the BAFTA-winning presenter Maddie Moate - on her YouTube channel for young children and their families. Some of their ‘ed-venture’ highlights include showing how rice grows & exploring turtle conservation in Bali, finding the world’s biggest & smelliest flower in Thailand, and discovering 50 million year old fossilised sharks teeth on the UK coast.

Honda Racing F1

Greg hosted a YouTube series for Honda Racing F1 where he teamed up with his mate, extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville, to uncover the awesome tech that powers a F1 car.

International Event Host for Raspberry Pi, Engineering UK, BBC, FameLab, the Olympics, and more:
Big Bang Fair Awards

Greg has hosted the National Science & Engineering Competition / Big Bang Fair Awards at the Birmingham NEC for many years. Not only does he host the Awards to a packed audience of 1000, welcoming on pupils who have designed & built superb science & engineering projects, a raft of celebrities and CEOs of exciting tech companies, he also hosts the conference’s social media for the competition & fair. Click the link for a fun video of behind the scenes & on-stage footage.

Olympics & Paralympics

Way back in 2012 Greg hosted a series of sport events at the Olympics & Paralympics. For the Beach Volleyball it was Greg's job to entertain a crowd of 15,000 fans (while wearing the questionable outfit he was given...)

Coolest Projects UK & LA

After the success of his hosting job at the inaugural Coolest Projects UK event at the Olympic Park, London, Greg was invited to LA to host Coolest Projects North America. He has since returned and hosted both again in 2019. Coolest Projects is a Raspberry Pi supported competition at 'the world leading technology fair for young people.'

Greg Foot - on stage - balloon demo when

As he often does for hosting jobs, this is Greg bringing along a curious contraption to capture the attention at the Famelab Academy Final. Greg has hosted the final of his science communication competition for pupils for three years.

Greg Foot - awards - 1 hosting on hoverb

Greg always brings his humour and fun to a hosting job - at The Big Bang Fair Awards 2018 he borrowed one of the half-time performer's hoverboards for his entrance onto stage...

Keynote Speaker giving talks on his science adventures to over 35,000+ adults, children, & families:
Science Adventure - Deep Ocean Lab

Greg was invited by a scientific research charity to spend a month onboard their research vessel filming, editing and sharing their story on social media. As the Onboard Science Reporter Greg got to dive to 1000ft in the deep ocean to document our most critical, yet least explored, ecosystem. He tells the story of his scientific adventure to the deep in his live talk ‘Deep Ocean Lab’ which continues to tour schools and events around the world.

Science Adventure - Everest Lab

Greg trekked up into the cold, thin air of Everest Base Camp with a group of medics from UCL to share their cutting-edge research with the world. Greg produced videos and articles for The Guardian, Newsround, and many others, telling the story of how their work turned our ideas about intensive care medicine upside-down. He also talks about this scientific adventure to tens of thousands of people worldwide through his interactive live show ‘Everest Lab’.

Greg holding gene edited bananas

Greg's new talk explores the latest science & agritech he discovered while filming a new BBC World News TV series exploring how we might be able to feed the potential 10 billion people on the planet by 2050. Come explore a menu of drought-tolerant rice, longer-lasting bananas, and lab-grown burgers.

Greg on stage

Greg has been giving inspiring, engaging talks & keynotes in schools, museums, conferences and festivals around the world for over 12 years. He is currently offering "Deep Ocean Lab", "Everest Lab" and later this year "The Future Of Food" based on his recent BBC World News TV series. Click the pic to go to his School Talks / Keynotes page for more info.

Writer & Presenter of the first YouTube Course on Science Communication, supported by Google.
YouTube Course

NEW! The first ever YouTube Course on Science Communication, supported by Google. Over a series of 10 videos Greg introduces tips & techniques to help you talk with the public about anything from the world of science, technology, engineering and maths. The course has a focus on helping practising scientists communicate their work with non-experts, but he wrote it to also be useful to anyone interested in science communication. Click below to watch.

Performer of spectacular science demos on TV (incl Blue Peter) and on stage (incl Hammersmith Apollo):
Blue Peter Demo

Greg was the Science Guy on Blue Peter for over 4 years, regularly going into the studio to inspire & entertain with experiments to answer questions including ‘Why are tennis balls fluffy?’, ‘What shape is a raindrop?’, ‘Why are chillies hot?’ and many more.

Sunday Brunch Demo

Greg was a regular on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch for over 4 years, going in to join Tim & Simon and talk about the science behind the week's news - from the World Cup, to music festivals, David Blaine, and comets.

Greg on stage w Brian Cox & Robin In

Greg has joined Brian Cox & Robin Ince on-stage at Hammersmith Apollo as part of their big December shows for many years. In 2018 he did his most ambitious set ever - The 12 Demos Of Christmas - in front of 3,500 people. Cue a messy & bonkers 20mins of chemistry & pyrotechnic fun! Photo credit: Steve Best, taken at Cosmic Shambles

Greg Foot - on stage - Awesome Chemistry

Greg was invited to give the first live science show for families in Saudi Arabia to open the cultural centre 'Ithra'. With help from his chemist mate Will Stockburn from UCLAN he performed two sold out shows of Awesome Chemistry to 1800 kids & adults.

Greg Foot - on stage - Daredevil Maths -

Past spectacular demos Greg has performed as part of Brian Cox & Robin Ince's Hammersmith Apollo gigs include 'How fat do you need to be to stop a speeding bullet?' and this, a bowling ball loop the loop. Click the image to watch the set.

Greg Foot - Theatre Tour 1 - Pyros OPTIM

Greg's first nationwide theatre show took him all over the UK performing demos to thousands of children & adults. Using big demos on stage Greg uncovered how fat you have to be to stop a bullet, why beans make you fart, and are we alone in the universe? He also collected and answered the audience's most curious questions live, without a science safety net!


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