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Greg has been giving inspiring, engaging keynotes at events around the world for 12+ years, talking at conferences, schools, international festivals & more.

Two talks are based on his scientific adventures:

'Deep Ocean Lab'
'Everest Lab' ...

Greg has given these talks to family audiences at festivals, in primary and seconday schools, to A-Level students in sixth forms, professional adults at conferences, and to groups of 900 GCSE students... so he's very happy to adapt the level to fit your particular audience.

He regularly hosts events and awards ceremonies and currently has three talks available for schools, festivals and events to book:

... and the third 'The Future Of Food' is based on his recent BBC World News TV Series and uncovers how we could feed the potential 10b on the planet by 2050.

You can see his previous talks here.

Deep Ocean Lab
Everest Lab


What happens as you dive further and further into the deep, dark ocean?

Join YouTuber and BBC TV & Radio Presenter Greg Foot for the story of his scientific adventure to the deep.


With experiments and stunning videos, Greg will show you the high-tech submersibles that took him down a crazy 1000ft into the Twilight Zone. He’ll explain the importance of our oceans, and - thanks to Greg’s work with the Blue Planet II team - uncover the effect we’re having on them.


You’ll also get the chance to meet a creature from the deep!



What happens to your body when you push it somewhere it’s not built to go – to the top of the world?

Join YouTuber and BBC TV & Radio Presenter
Greg Foot for the story of his scientific adventure to the world’s highest pop-up lab at Everest Base Camp.


With summit kit, interactive experiments, and stunning videos, Greg will uncover how a group of scientists and medics braved the thin freezing air to perform cutting edge research that turns our ideas about medicine upside down.

Future Of Food
Previous Shows


How will we feed the 10 billion people potentially crowding our planet by 2050?  

Based on a recent BBC TV series exploring exactly this, join YouTuber and BBC Radio 4 Presenter Greg Foot to discover a menu of drought-tolerant rice, longer-lasting bananas, and lab-grown burgers.






Extreme Sports Battle

Extreme Sports Battle

An adrenaline-fuelled live stunt show uncovering the science & tech behind extreme sports using acrobatic free-runners and back-flipping bike riders. MC-ed by Greg Foot and featuring former British Champion Trials Rider and Top Gear Live regular Andrei Burton.



A noisy, fiery tour through the history of explosions and explosives with YouTuber and Blue Peter Science Guy Greg Foot and Pyrotechnician + Special Effects Guru on Top Gear Mike Sansom. Expect giant fireballs, a homemade rocket engine, and VERY loud bangs!

Daredevil Maths

Daredevil Maths

A funny, nerdy, and rather dangerous live show jam-packed with maths, stunts and maths-stunts. Written & presented by Greg Foot and the UK’s foremost and only Stand-up Mathematician Matt Parker. This one-off show headlined Cheltenham Science Festival and featured a bowling ball loop-the-loop, weird bikes and the Spikey Pendulum Of Death. Oh and derivations, live!

Close-Up Science

Close-Up Science

Half-cabaret, half-show, half-science-busking*, join YouTuber and Science Guy on Blue Peter Greg Foot, and Teacher and Live Show Presenter Nic Harrigan as they take intriguing challenges and quirky original demos direct to your table. From a cloud chamber in a pint glass and taste bud trickery to brain warping illusions and an engineering face-off, Close-Up Science are bringing their unique style of live science to your event! (*yep that’s 150% for the price of 100%!)

In the Zone

In the Zone

An interactive, action-packed live science show that explores the physiology & sports engineering that make an Olympic and Paralympic athlete a champion. How does Usain Bolt unleash such explosive energy? How are Paula Radcliffe’s muscles perfectly suited to marathon running? Why are some cycle helmets pointed? Part of Wellcome Trust's In the Zone project. Greg launched the project with a head-to-head challenge with Sir Steve Redgrave. Greg lost. Unsurprisingly.

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